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…though honestly, just doing it cause I LOVE this blog, and there are literally 5 – 100 things on there every day that make me just say WOW and it’s an exercise in elegant restraint not to repost most of it. most of the blogs I read are 90% mediocre but basically everything on this one is beautiful, thought provoking, hot, epic or shriek-inducing, much like its author, who’s an old friend and a total catch. check it out.


Thanks, Craig Gleason. Now I will never be able to buy a goddamn snickers without hearing those weird Bad Romance noises all in my brains. Though gotta say, the resemblance is INSANE.

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Jezebel devoted a fuckload of time into giving an intelligent analysis (okay, punctuated occasionally by “germans and primary colors are scary”) of this Patrick Mohr show, but I mostly just wanna say: shit is pretty much Lady Gaga with a chromosomal disorder, also known as our future as a goddamn  society.

Um, YES. Fuck me for going to book college.


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I am lazy and it didn’t work out, but it does explain why I’ve made the perhaps ridiculous choice to reblog the following from from brainland, who initially reblogged it from bornexaggerator.

I’ve compiled a nicely-bulleted list of aliases belonging to a one Russell Tyrone Jones (1968 – 2004) beloved member of the Wu-Tang Clan and unhinged genius behind screwball classic, Return to the 36 Chambers.  Variations in spelling are marked with (/).  This took forever.

  • Ason Jones
  • Ason Unique (/Asun Unique)
  • The Bebop Specialist
  • Big Baby Jesus
  • Big Box o’ Chili
  • The BZA
  • Dirk Hardpec
  • Dirt Dog (/Dirt Dawg)
  • Dirt McGirt (/Dirk McGirk)
  • The Drunken Master Styles
  • Freeloading Rusty
  • Hasaan
  • Ill Irving the Murderer
  • Joe Bananas
  • The Man of All Rainbows
  • O.D.B. (/ODB)
  • Ol’ Dirt Schultz
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  • Old Dirty Chinese Restaurant
  • Osiris (/Osirus)
  • Osiris the Father
  • Peanut the Kidnapper
  • Prince Delight
  • The Professor
  • Rain Man
  • RJ Tha Mad Specialist
  • Russell Jones
  • The Specialist
  • Super Bastard
  • Sweet Baby Jesus
  • Unique Ason

…except I bolded my own favorites. Peanut the Kidnapper needs to revolutionize the world of saturday morning cartoons, like, yesterday.



damaged buildings in berlin patched with legos, via pretty much my new favorite blog, weburbanist. for the record, it takes epic amounts of will power not to make lego furniture all over my apartment, but alas! I am an adult.

If I ever stop jacking internet from the Santa Fe state capitol and get some of my own, I’m entertaining the following options:

1. KetherMyDownstairsNeighborYourNameIsReallyWeird

2. CreepyKokopelliLadyAcrossTheStreetPleaseMoveAwayIHateTheSmellOfSage

3. StopItWith ThatChainsawIFearForMyLife

4. ActuallyStopEverythingYouDo

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–except for the end, where Guy Pearce showed up with a post-apocalyptic-tooth-rot grill and saved the damn day. I’m sorry, but despite the sheer volume of totally legit movies he’s done, the man should always, always be in good lighting, or holding a jeweled sword, or in some other context that properly augments his cheekbones.

Also, let me know if you need a new desktop and I’ll hook it up. You’re welcome.


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