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Arbitrary self psychoanalysis: I really, really miss summer.


Weirdly, this is only one of, like, six math/physics related breakfast foods I can think of off the top of my head. Hilarious nerd brunch, stat.

via the rack and the ram:

“Chic publishing company Assouline has recently launched a trio of candles which smell like books. Bibliothèque, Wood, and Leather candles are priced at a opressing $45.”


Other things I should not spend $45 on:

1. Four-point-five bacon guac cheeseburgers at Bobcat bite

2. Zero-point-two pairs of William Rast jeans that make my ass look about as delicious as…well, 4.5 bacon guac cheeseburgers.

3. Actual books, namely: the Twilight Saga (uh), Ulysses (has anyone ever ACTUALLY read Ulysses?!) Skinny Bitch in the Kitch (vegans make me feel terrible about myself but goddamn do they make good rice pudding.)

4. Anything. My car is a mangled scrap of gross Toyota mess and my life will not feel better if it smells like a goddamn octavo edition of the Septuagint.