Did I ever tell you guys about the time I tried to cross stitch a portrait of ODB onto a pillow?


I am lazy and it didn’t work out, but it does explain why I’ve made the perhaps ridiculous choice to reblog the following from from brainland, who initially reblogged it from bornexaggerator.

I’ve compiled a nicely-bulleted list of aliases belonging to a one Russell Tyrone Jones (1968 – 2004) beloved member of the Wu-Tang Clan and unhinged genius behind screwball classic, Return to the 36 Chambers.  Variations in spelling are marked with (/).  This took forever.

  • Ason Jones
  • Ason Unique (/Asun Unique)
  • The Bebop Specialist
  • Big Baby Jesus
  • Big Box o’ Chili
  • The BZA
  • Dirk Hardpec
  • Dirt Dog (/Dirt Dawg)
  • Dirt McGirt (/Dirk McGirk)
  • The Drunken Master Styles
  • Freeloading Rusty
  • Hasaan
  • Ill Irving the Murderer
  • Joe Bananas
  • The Man of All Rainbows
  • O.D.B. (/ODB)
  • Ol’ Dirt Schultz
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  • Old Dirty Chinese Restaurant
  • Osiris (/Osirus)
  • Osiris the Father
  • Peanut the Kidnapper
  • Prince Delight
  • The Professor
  • Rain Man
  • RJ Tha Mad Specialist
  • Russell Jones
  • The Specialist
  • Super Bastard
  • Sweet Baby Jesus
  • Unique Ason

…except I bolded my own favorites. Peanut the Kidnapper needs to revolutionize the world of saturday morning cartoons, like, yesterday.


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